Social activities

Social activities

Welcome Reception and Science Slam

On the first day an informal evening session including Science Slam is planned for socializing with fellow conference attendees as well as the keynote speakers. The Haus auf der Mauer, situated in the remains of Jena’s city wall from the 15th century, will provide a relaxed and interactive atmosphere along with some food and drinks to keep up the energy.

Fee: Free

Conference Dinner

Landgrafen Jena

The conference dinner at the “Landgrafen ” restaurant is one of the MiCom’s highlights. High above the roofs of Jena and with a beautiful view across the city, we will enjoy a regional and international buffet. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in touch with speakers and participants in a relaxed and informal atmosphere!

Fee: 50 € – Including drinks

Pub Crawl


Indeed Germany is well known for the beer culture and we want to give you the opportunity to feel German! Besides of having an own brewery which provides Jena with local beers, the city is also well prepared for the needs of students and to host you in this aspect. Join fellow MiCom participants for a tour of Jena’s best bars and pubs to ‘Prost’ your way to a memorable night.


Jena is a multifaceted city with high historical and scientific background. On Wednesday afternoon you will have the chance to explore our city by visiting the planetarium, having a city tour, doing fancy experiments or going for a hike in Jena’s beautiful surrounding.


Are you interested in stars, planets and the origin of life? Then visit the Zeiss-Planetarium, the world’s oldest continuously working planetarium. Different programs are available, please keep in mind that some programs are only screened in German.

Duration: 1 hour
Fee: Participants will need to pay 7€ directly at the planetarium.

City Tour

500 years of exciting history in Jena – You have 2 hours and would like to get to know Jena? Then follow my invitation for a walk through the city center. I will tell you about the exciting development of the Zeisswerke and also lead you to places where the secret council Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or Friedrich von Schiller liked to be. Schiller spent ten years of his short life here in Jena and Goethe, as the minister of Weimar, always liked to come to the city which owes him so many wise professors.
Let me also tell you about the University of Jena, which played a leading role in Germany at the end of the 18th century and the reason for the national colors of the Germans. Let the spirit of Jena’s early romantic era enchant you. The highlight of the city tour will be enjoying the view from the top of Jena’s landmark at the observation deck. I look forward to meeting you.

Duration: 2 hours
Fee: 5€ (optional: Plus 3€ for the observation deck)

Imaginata Experimentarium

Open your sense, widen your knowledge and activate your imagination: “Imaginata ” is a living science laboratory where you learn by experimentation. Optical illusions, physical and electrical phenomena and even living mathematics are possible to experiment in this science park, located in the old grounds of a former power plant.

Duration: 2-3 hours
Fee: €6.5 (plus €2.5 for train or bus transport)

Hiking Tour

Let’s walk to the Windknollen! Let’s smell the victory at the Napoleonstein (Napoleon’s stone)! Let’s have a great view of the beautiful city of Jena and Cospeda!

“It was on the chilly morning of the 14th October in the year 1806, The battle of Jena started with the French Army attacking the Prussians on both sides. Though with great resistance and a great fight from the Prussians Army, by 1 pm on this said day, it has dawn on the Prussian soldiers that the war will be lost. Napoleon I of France defeated the Prussian Army led by Frederick William III and the Kingdom of Prussia was subjugated to the French Empire.”

Let us go hiking to the plateau where the stone that represents this victory lies. Enjoy the greenery on the way and embrace the view from the top of the plateau. Enjoy the pump and the thrill of a hiking tour coupled with the sensations you feel in your muscles after the long walk. Dress for the event and come with your drink. A few snacks could fuel your getting there too.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Fee: Free