An interesting aspect of the MiCom conference is the “meet the expert” workshop arranged for participants. The workshops are tailored to foster exchange of experiences and ideas among the attendants and experts in the given field. These experts consist of conference speakers and local researchers from Jena.

Selecting which workshops you would like to attend takes place during registration. Workshop places are allocated on a first come first serve basis. We will endeavour to assign people as many first choice workshops as possible.

We aim to have groups of 35-40 participants during these workshops. This group size allows equal and individual attention from the presenter, but still large enough to conduct a lively discussion. The workshops usually last for about 1 hour depending on the enthusiasm of participants.

Workshop Session I (19 March 2018, Monday):

(1)Uffe Mortensen: How to “survive” during your PhD
(2)Ilse Jacobsen: Animal experiments – how to make the most of your mice!
(3)Sascha Brunke: How not to lie with your data (general statistics)

Workshop Session II (20 March 2018, Tuesday):

(1)Pierre Stallforth: ABC of Obtaining study grants for Doctoral/Postdoctoral positions abroad: Dos and Don’ts
(2)Marnix Medema: Connecting genes to molecules
(3)Christina Klasen and Sabine Luft: Using Flow Cytometry in microbiological research

Workshop Session III (22 March 2018, Thursday):

(1)Matthew Blango: How to apply for grants
(2)Manja Marz: Detecting microorganisms in silico
(3)N. König: Biologists in industry – an insight into Eppendorf

We are aware of the busy agenda of a scientific conference, and of the commitment that each one has on attending talks; therefore, the workshops sessions will not conflict with any activity of the regular programme.