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The MiCom 2021 will take place as an online conference from March 29—31. It addresses five research areas related to microbial communication and consists of six different program events described below.
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Keynote Presentations

The conference sessions of each of the five thematic complexes will be headlined by two keynote presentations. You can read through all the infos and check out our keynote speakers here or have a look at the schedule.

Chemical Ecology


Natural Products


Systems Biology

Phd Talks

The MiCom offers a great chance for young scientists to get involved by presenting, discussing and networking. We invite all PhD students conducting research on fields related to microbial interactions to share their findings. The PhD talks consist of giving a presentation (15 min) and answering questions from the audience (5 min) afterwards.
You will find the details on "How to: PhD Talk" in our Guidelines section.

MiCom will award the best presentation in the category PhD Talk.

Applications for PhD Talks are closed.

Lightning Talks

We want to try something new: All PhD students are invited to give short talks that aim to start a discussion. The difference to a poster presentation is that you will present a few slides in fixed time slots, giving the audience the chance to determine the field they would like to know more about. This will be a quick exchange of ideas as a Lightning Talk (incl. presentation + discussion) will be limited to 10 minutes.
You will find the details on "How to: Lightning Talk" in our Guidelines section.

MiCom will award the best presentation in the category Lightning Talk.

Applications for Lightning Talks are closed.


On two of the three conference days MiCom 2021 offers workshops on diverse topics ranging from scientific methods training to career and mental health advice. You can participate in one workshop per day. Find out which ones you would like to attend in the Workshops overview.

Q&A – Career 101 for PhD Graduates​

In our question and answer session you will have the chance to discuss career paths after your PhD graduation together with our keynote speakers and invited industry representatives.

Social Activities

After five hours of scientific discussions and workshops you might feel like some mind-relaxing social activities. This optional event will take place in the afternoon/evening of the first two conference days.

All the Social Activity details are listed here.